Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

I was slated to meet with Dave, Teresa and Miss M this evening at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens to bask in the glow of the late afternoon sun- in all it's glory.

However- the storm that blew in over night- was making it look like this appointment- which has been on the books for months, by the way.... was going to have to be canceled. But this family decided we could still make a run for it- and met 2 hours before our slated time.... and I'm so glad we did! :) Because minutes after we wrapped our session.... it began raining buckets!!!!! I love, love, love this shot! Miss M stopped moving for just long enough to capture some of the most amazing eyes ever! ( I wish you could bottle that kind of energy!!!)
Teresa & Dave are both gorgeous- so we all know where Miss M gets "IT".

I love that this family is laid back and totally unconventional when it came to their pix - so I said- "play on..."

Besides, who said family photos had to be stuffy???? I love these sepia shots-

Thanks for being brave enough to come out and play in the pending storm guys- xoxo Didi

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