Friday, July 10, 2009


So today was THE day.... the day that I've been sooo pumped for- and so nervous and stressed about. I've planned, plotted, panicked... all for not tho! The weather was absolute perfection, the folks who signed up early on when I announced I was going to do this destination adventure were all a riot to play with.... It just doesn't get much better than today. I'm totally wiped out- and so is my family- we finished shooting a smidge before 9 pm, I grabbed Thai food, we ate and the kids went upstairs to shower and hit the hay- they are gassed. My dear sweet man was my assistant all afternoon- I couldn't have pulled it off without him... he rocks! And now, I'm downloading the nearly 1400 frames shot from today. I feel like I should be entered in the Guinness World Book tonight!

I used my girls as the Guinea Pigs for lighting- and the super cute and super bright colored tops that Gabbi picked out- were perfect! Girl's got the eye!

They just take my breath away some days... look at those eyes!

Like sands in the hour-glass..... that photo says it all.... they're growing up too fast!

So- that's about it for tonight- I'm all giddy and excited, exhausted, rejuvenated..... all at once. However, I have sand between my toes, I'm a tad sunburned, and my eyes.... they feel like sand paper. I'm headed for the shower and bed myself....Stay tuned this weekend for more highlights from all the gorgeous people I shot today!
And to all who came to play- I love all ya'alls.... you make my "job" easy!
xoxo Didi

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Bears Fan said...

Wow, what an exciting day for all of you, and such vibrant colors, beautiful eye's, wonderful captures, well done, looking forward to seeing more of your creations!