Sunday, July 5, 2009

The girls of summer......

...or at least the little "Girls of Summer"! :)

The usual suspects around here were almost all present and accounted for yesterday in the heat of the 4th of July gathering that unfolded in our front yard.

There were buckets of slosh-balls, water balloons, super soakers, hoses and sprinklers- and all the kids were soaking wet and screaming giddily all afternoon- it was great!

Gabbi and those eyes... playing super-model for me- cracks me up!

Oni and her "color co-ordindinated to match her tankini" water balloons-turned horns....

Gabbi & Lorin- otherwise known as Peas & Carrots.....

Halle and those A-mazing eyes
Samaya and that hair- attention all hairdressers- THIS is the color we're all trying to achieve!

Syd- another one with stunning eyes- they are almost turquoise..... soooooooooo cool!

And sweet baby Grace..... not to be left out of the poster girls for summer fun. Sister found the hose and had a grand time!
There is more- much, much more to share- but I figured I'd break it down by category for y'all!
Hope you all had fun yesterday!
xoxo Didi

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