Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dedicatedt to the one I love....

This is dedicated to the one I love..... 14 years ago today- we said 'I do'. We eloped (with family blessings) to the gorgeous island of Jamaica. We didn't take a soul with us- just us and a clergy person and two witnesses from the resort, on the beach at sunset. It was perfect.

We have so many funny stories from that trip and so many memories of our life together. We are so blessed to share this life together. And I couldn't see being married to anyone else- he was made for me and all of my idiosyncrasies! :)

Love you baby!


pantserhart said...

Congratulations; how wonderful that you found perfect partners. And how nice to see a bit of you -)) No wonder that you have such wonderful children. They have the best of you -))
XXX Irene

Roxie said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have many more happy-filled years together!

I forgot to mention to you earlier, but THANK YOU so much for offering me your home. That is beyond fabulous and you have such a kind heart. My husband should be going up to Whidbey sometime soon, I should see if I can't go along with him so we can meet up and you can cook for me. Your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and drinks always look for delicious! Thanks again, girl!

Didi (Dioncia) Von Bargen-Miles said...

Any time girl- c'mon over!!!! :)