Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I am sitting here in awe of the fact- that at this time- eleven years ago today.... I was being whisked down the halls of Everett General for an emergency C-section after 4 days of inducement (and they were the absolute longest of my life)

My heart was racing- I was scared to death- and my heart was broken.  I was ready- I was going to push this baby out- natural with little or no pain meds..... I had take all of the classes- read all the books, had a Douala and my husband....

ME:    "Wait!  Where the hell is my husband????"

As we race down the hallway, she's up on the table with my gown ripped back and rubbing iodine all over my enormously pregnant belly....

NURSE:    "He'll be right here ma'am... he's still changing into sterile surgical scrubs."


Meanwhile.. back in my hospital room.... Ron emerges from the restroom to find the room empty, me and the bed GONE... he freaks- grabs the first orderly he can find...... by the collar and in a rather uncharacteristic moment  screams:

RON:     "Where the hell is my wife??????"

ORDERLY:  "Sir, if you'll just put me down.. I'd be happy to take you to her..."

RON:     "OH! Uhm, thank you"...


Clearly not some of our finest moments- and yet- they were- They had my strapped down and cut open in record time and with some pulling and prodding- they pulled out the most amazing perfect, little beautiful baby girl out of my abdomen. (I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I had a fleeting moment when I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Alien(s)... but it was the single most amazing and exhausting experience of my 28 years to date, on this planet.

Little did I know THEN  that labor and delivery was absolutely the easiest part about having children!!!!!  And yet- we choose to do this all over again two years later with Gabrielle... so clearly we were brain damaged from lack of sleep- or.... it really is as cool as we think!

Through the months and months that turned into years, with no sleep, teething, potty training and enough laundry to  wrap the entire planet in... we have survived.  We've survived the arrival of Onika M. Miles- (and Gabrielle L.) and their non-stop energy and talking, endless streams of homework, projects and sports practices... and we're only halfway done.....  We still have homework, and more homework.....more endless sports practices and games, driver's ed and more sleepless nights ahead when they begins dating and we'll long for the days that we could hold them in one hand and be the center of their universe.

I am so incredibly, ridiculously proud- and in love with my kids!  Happy birthday to my brilliant, beautiful and crazy talented Onika.  You make my heart soar! xoxo ~ Momma

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day with my girls

Today- was a good day.

We as a family run pretty crazy busy all the time around here at Che' Miles.... so it was a bit of a shock- and a welcome respit- that today- there was not a single thing on the calendar. 

The weather wasn't half bad-{it wasn't that great either tho...} but we braved the chilly air and the promise of a slice of sunshine.  Since the girls' birthdays are coming up... I decided it was time to go and update the snaps of my beautiful girls.  The large scale images of them, that don my walls... are roughly 5 years old!



It took some bribery... a trip to Bite Me Cupcakes was one of our stops, and a cruise through Faded Elegance on First in Snohomish. {we love Miss Kim and her absolutely fabulous shop!}  We got to play dress-up, giggle and just spend some time together.   And it was good.....

The girls have changed soooo much since I originally shot  their now famous "African Queen" shots 6 years ago and so has my ability as a total novice photographer!  Our overall looks have grown up- gotten a bit more beautiful and sophisticated.... and I couldn't have achieved that without them!  They are now, always have been and will likely always will muses- the ultimate inspiration.  And now that they are getting older- they are my assistants and my color commentators and consultants. {they were two of the four people who's opinions on style I especially value- and consulted when choosing the look for the new website that we'll be launching this spring!!!}

I pulled out this amazing dress from Africa and the beads that I received with it- figuring the girls were old enough to try it on.  I've had this dress in my possession for at least 30 years.  The original owner was a little old lady from back home- who had traveled the world over and had artifacts and curiosities in every little nook and cranny of her amazing home.  I remember commenting that I thought it was the most amazing dress I had ever seen... and she pulled off the display and gave it to me!  And I am still enamoured with it... and I'm so glad I've had an opportunity to utilize it today.... because it was perfect!

Never pass up the chance to spend some time with a good girlfriend or two- and never miss the chance to have a beautiful photo of your self taken.  Every woman- regardless of age- deserves beautiful photos of herself.  Learn to see yourself through someone else's eyes.... You'll be amazed at the beauty THEY see- that perhaps you missed before. 

Better weather is headed our way.... book now for your beauty session! xoxo Didi V.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Nothing says baby shower like camouflage, right????

Leave it to my girl Dr. Nicky to turn a VERY unique request into something absolutely adorable!  And this was produced a mere few hours after stepping off of the red-eye back from a business trip... A-MAZING!

Room Re-do

You know- there are some days when I question my sanity...ok- let's be honest- there are a LOT of days when I question my sanity.... 

But when I tackle a monster painting project...  and wonder somewhere in the 9th or 10 hour "Who the hell was I kidding -'it'll be quick'...?????"

I totally want to kick my own arse for taking it on- but once involved.. you can't just stop either... so I then push myself to the verge of physical  illness and and a nervous breakdown! (I keep the makers of Advil and my favorite chiropractors in business... so really- I look at my redecorating spells as economic stimulus!) 

All joking aside tho- there is something so liberating and comforting about completing a room re-do.... for the cost of a couple of gallons of paint, and maybe some new linens you can totally transform your space- and the overall feel of your home.

I'm sure there is some deep seeded emotional need for change and fresh starts this year... but I'm just going to go with- 'because I felt like it'...

I tackled our master suite last Friday- and took a warm & cozy (albeit tired) olive and caramel colored Asian/Balinese inspired space to something that feels like I threw some French Country and Montego Bay/Carribean in a blender!  It works tho-  We have heavy black furniture, and a pretty big master suite- so I decided to go with something bright and fun- and how can you go wrong with a box from Tiffany & Co? right????  I shopped around the house and pulled old artwork and books, etc out of retirement and made a space that feels like a vacation.  With the breeze fluttering through the new sheers and a little bit of sunlight- it's so cool and refreshing.  I crave being in there now.

Change can be a very good thing... go outside your comfort zone today... you might be brilliantly rewarded!

xoxo Didi V.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


He's here!  He's here!!!!!  He's finally here!!!!!!!

We've all been waiting on pins &and needles waiting for him to arrive.  We were SOOOO excited to finally meet baby Gabe on Sunday!!!!  And we're over the moon happy for our friends Sussy & Chester.

Congrats guys- he's beautiful!  You do good work folks! xoxo Didi V. {and the rest of the gaggle at Che Miles...}
teddybear hat and coocoon by Fifi @ Daydream Believer

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gorgeous Gwen

Happy New Year! 

Heck it's almost Happy Valentine's...... and speaking of Valentine's....  this is going to be on heck of a gift....
I was SO excited to get to work (it was a whole lot of laughing and playing.. hard to call it work...) with Gwen again yesterday!!!    I met her and her hubby last summer for their "We-Did" session at Edmonds Beach.

We decided to road test my newly redecorated boudoir/master suite that I spent all day painting on Friday and added the finishing touches  to after work on Saturday.. we rather liked it- it's sort of Paris meets Montego Bay... it's fresh and feels like a vacation.  And of course with smokin' hot looks and legs like Gwen's... it was sure to be a hit!  We got some very saucy shots.... I'm pretty sure her hubby may have to receive medical attention when he receives these for Valentine's day.... so ssshhhhhhhh!  Keep it on the DL!