Thursday, January 20, 2011

Room Re-do

You know- there are some days when I question my sanity...ok- let's be honest- there are a LOT of days when I question my sanity.... 

But when I tackle a monster painting project...  and wonder somewhere in the 9th or 10 hour "Who the hell was I kidding -'it'll be quick'...?????"

I totally want to kick my own arse for taking it on- but once involved.. you can't just stop either... so I then push myself to the verge of physical  illness and and a nervous breakdown! (I keep the makers of Advil and my favorite chiropractors in business... so really- I look at my redecorating spells as economic stimulus!) 

All joking aside tho- there is something so liberating and comforting about completing a room re-do.... for the cost of a couple of gallons of paint, and maybe some new linens you can totally transform your space- and the overall feel of your home.

I'm sure there is some deep seeded emotional need for change and fresh starts this year... but I'm just going to go with- 'because I felt like it'...

I tackled our master suite last Friday- and took a warm & cozy (albeit tired) olive and caramel colored Asian/Balinese inspired space to something that feels like I threw some French Country and Montego Bay/Carribean in a blender!  It works tho-  We have heavy black furniture, and a pretty big master suite- so I decided to go with something bright and fun- and how can you go wrong with a box from Tiffany & Co? right????  I shopped around the house and pulled old artwork and books, etc out of retirement and made a space that feels like a vacation.  With the breeze fluttering through the new sheers and a little bit of sunlight- it's so cool and refreshing.  I crave being in there now.

Change can be a very good thing... go outside your comfort zone today... you might be brilliantly rewarded!

xoxo Didi V.

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stacey said...

Very lovely. Way to go girl! I really admire how hard you work, what an inspiration.