Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Boy Brayden

Man- where does the time go????? Seems like his pretty mommy told me they were expecting- and now- he's two months old already!

Brayden and his folks stopped in to see me on Sunday for his 2 month session- and even tho we were messing with his nap schedule- he did manage some smiles for his momma. But soon- it was time to just give in to sleep- and we love that too!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Baby Best Friends Forever & Ever..... Adi & Alex stopped in on Friday to bring me the coolest coffee mug ever! And to show off their matching PJ's.... soooooo stinking cute! But they were nearing nap time so it was a quickie! :)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

You know that it's gonna be a fun day when you are shooting with Tiff or Rosie or Robin.... and I got to play with all three yesterday!!!!

I've known Tiff and Rosie for about 15 years and have been shooting with them for 6+ years and much of how/what I shoot- is thanks to them- they have been my guinea pigs, my cheering section and some of my biggest promoters.... and I love them long time!!!!

These girls have been BFF since they were in elementary school- and I L-O-V-E that they are still so close! So when Tiff came to me with this idea- I jumped at the chance!

Along with some new head shots for her website- she wanted to have a "rewind session" with her BFF's. And we had soooo much fun! We were wishing for some sunshine... but they made their own!

Since they are few years behind me- I have a little bit of a protective mother-hen complex with them- and I have to say- that I absolutely love the women they have become- from the young girls I knew! They have style and smarts and a great sense of who they are- and confidence is key!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girls Day

I take things for granted... I do- and I'm ashamed to admit it.... but I'm not so proud that I'm not above trying to fix that tho!

I'm reminded daily in my dealings with people- of a life cut short or massively impacted and forever changed, and the phrase, "I just thought I had more time" or "someday".... and then you have no more some days.....and no more chances to make things right.

Of the times and trips I've taken this year showing my clients fun places to go and shoot photos of their family playing and experiencing new things... I had yet to bring my own kids to experience the Seattle and the Market. And I've lived here for 18 years- and had NEVER gone to the Needle! I know- lame....

So I took last Friday off- got the girls up early- stopped for gas and told them to go and pick out two packs of the most obnoxious bright colored bubble gum they could find. They both looked at me like I'd lost it.... And we were off! We did donuts from the bakery by the flying fish, rode the pig, checked out the cool vendors in the market, found the bubble-gum wall and the girls were grossed out and intrigued all at the same time- and yes- they contributed...... we walked and walked- I introduced them to Pirosky-Pirosky- YUM! And We walked some more.

We headed to the Space Needle and took the spendiest elevator ride in the history of the world... but we can now say that we've been there- done that. The views were spectacular- but we are all a bit wobbly and nauseous... and glad to be back on the ground. :) We checked out the cool exterior of the EMP- and then headed to Capital Hill for Cupcake Royale..... and they rocked!

We had fun- made some memories and soaked in some sun on a glorious day.

Don't wait- get out there and play- don't be left saying "I wish I had....."

Much love- Didi V

Family Day

It occurred to me the other day- that as often as I tell people how it important it is to journal your lives- to document what you do- and to capture the changes that seem to be constant in our kids faces..... that I've done a crappy job of it myself this summer..... I'm so busy working and falling into the rut of work, work, work that I haven't slated time to play- to vacation or have any fun adventures with them- and the summer is nearly gone and school is starting soon.

So Big Daddy and I took Friday off to spend with the kids- and each other- away from work, phones, distractions etc. We packed a pic nic and sand toys- and dared the weather man to be wrong... (it was supposed to be cold and wet- clearly- he was wrong. And we were glad.) we held hands and laughed and just 'were'. And it was good.

Our "staycation" took us out to Jetty Island to let the kids play and run in the water, sit our butts in the sand and feel the breeze on our faces and listen to them giggle and the seagulls squawk... it was a good choice. It gave me time to smile and drink in my family- and it reminded me in bright living color how much I love them!

I am so blessed- and I apologize if I become so self absorbed in the need to get 'er done- that I fail to sing the praises of a man who loves and supports me and kids that make my soul sing. You three are my everything and I love you!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I've known this cute little flower Jenny since we moved into this neighborhood four years ago- but now- she's going to be a senior... and she's blooming into a lovely young woman. It was a pleasure to hang out- {and get scolded by security}..... and take our photos. :)

Best of luck doll and have a GREAT senior year!

{this is my fave- a true Jenny smile}

{her aunt said this was perfect- because she's determined to have it one way...
HER way! I love it!!!}

Wonder Twins!

Wahooo! What a fun morning! It was time for me to hang out with the Wonder Twins Saturday morning for their 2 & 1/2 year session. I can't even believe how much they've changed since we were at the arboretum this time last year! They have come such a long way since I did their belly pix! :) I absolutely L-O-V-E being able to follow all of 'my' family's progresses!!!

Holland & Hunter

For as rainy and grey as the day started out yesterday... you'd never believe it was going to turn out this beautiful! It was perfection- sunny with a slight breeze coming in off the water- and two completely adorable children to play with!

I met Holland and her brother Hunter at the park at Edmonds Beach and was giddy with excitement when I saw their curly blonde hair that halos that late sun so perfectly! And talk about rockstars.... these two were awesome! We had a ball playing on the beach and skipping rocks!