Sunday, August 1, 2010

Country kids

What a sweet surprise in the foggy funky weather yesterday... these four sweet faces are just as beautiful as could be....and what a pretty location for a home on a little lake out in the country! The water lilies were blooming, and everything was lush and green- and these four very busy sibs were crazy silly fun to chase around!

Charlie has to be the sweetest- most patient big brother EVER- seriously- he has such a way with his baby sisters- I made him my assistant early on- and he got a huge gold star- he rocked- He's like 8 going on 18- smart and super mature and wow is he going to be handsome- he has a look like the vintage Italian silver screen stars of the 40's.... look out ladies!
There was time for some quality horsing around and the giggles should be bottled- it was really good stuff!

You all know how I feel about eyes and freckles.... will this family has got 'em... and each child has the most unique eye color- and they all rocked! They all have this deep, pensive, mature beyond their years look.... all of them just beautiful. Enjoy!

I loved getting to know all of you yesterday- thanks for inviting me to come and play with you! xoxo Didi

*Olivia the socialite of the twins- oh those eyes.....*
*Charlie- look out ladies*
*Chastine and that porcelin skin and perfect shade of pink lips-
can someone find me that color of lipstick please????*
*and the elusive Jillian... so shy- but so worth the wait.....*
*the twins cracked me up- couldn't be more different if you tried!
And they NEVER stopped moving..... very busy girls!
I felt fortunate that I caught a few frames where they occupied the same space!*

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