Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Day

It occurred to me the other day- that as often as I tell people how it important it is to journal your lives- to document what you do- and to capture the changes that seem to be constant in our kids faces..... that I've done a crappy job of it myself this summer..... I'm so busy working and falling into the rut of work, work, work that I haven't slated time to play- to vacation or have any fun adventures with them- and the summer is nearly gone and school is starting soon.

So Big Daddy and I took Friday off to spend with the kids- and each other- away from work, phones, distractions etc. We packed a pic nic and sand toys- and dared the weather man to be wrong... (it was supposed to be cold and wet- clearly- he was wrong. And we were glad.) we held hands and laughed and just 'were'. And it was good.

Our "staycation" took us out to Jetty Island to let the kids play and run in the water, sit our butts in the sand and feel the breeze on our faces and listen to them giggle and the seagulls squawk... it was a good choice. It gave me time to smile and drink in my family- and it reminded me in bright living color how much I love them!

I am so blessed- and I apologize if I become so self absorbed in the need to get 'er done- that I fail to sing the praises of a man who loves and supports me and kids that make my soul sing. You three are my everything and I love you!

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