Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wine on the Juans

So just in case you all thought that perhaps I had fallen off the planet again- I assure you- I am still here and having a ball! I have so much to share- it has been another whirlwind couple of weeks and I'm working backwards here.... But Ron and I are still floating on cloud 9 after our time on the Schooner *Zodiac.*

Our good friend Dr. David Morris- also known as the winemaker for Napeequa sailed this voyage through the Juans last summer and raved about how much fun it was. So when he shared with us that he was invited back again as the wine expert for the wine and seafood cruise... we immediately started planning.....

I can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience this was.... it wasn't just a trip.... just a vacation.... or just a gift to ourselves for our 15th wedding was an experience. It was the chance of a lifetime to explore parts of the San Juan Islands- that are right in our back yard- but that I would never be able to see like I saw it this week if I weren't on the water. And I wasn't just *on the water*..... we aboard a most magnificent vessle!

The Schooner Zodiac is a fully restored racing yacht from 1924... and one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I went crazy on all the amazingly well preserved and lovingly cared for features. We only got to sail one afternoon and the weather dictated that we truly work the sails ... so sadly I didn't really get anything with her sails all out..... but you can see more images of her with the sails up and read more about her specs here:

In addition to taking a crash course in sailing, meeting some truly awesome people- hopefully friends for life- we had food prepared by some of the best in the NW, and visited some great up and coming vineyards and tasting rooms. The wine was plentiful and good, the weather was glorious and views were breathtaking...... so take a quick gander at the blissfully good time we had. And then run to a phone near you and book a trip with them- you'll be so glad you did!

Tim, Chris, Al and Zodiac crew- thank you, thank you, thank you- you all made our voyage so much fun!!!! We can't wait to do it again!
Alex and Ian..... seriously righteous food dudes!!!!!
Thank you Napeequa, Legoe Bay and San Juan Wineries for being such amazing hosts!
With MUCH LOVE and gratitude-

xoxo Didi

*the Legoe Bay Pino Gris was a fave all week*

*Zodiac intern Jahn from Germany had all the girls' attention....*

*everyone relaxing up top in the sun with some of our faves....the Mona from SJWineries, Legoe Bay Pino, and all of the Napeequa's were a hit*

*1st Mate Chris' shirt..... I so want one!!!*

* one of those happy accidents on the stern of the ship*

*I just love the texture of this shot- this is leaning up against the main sail mast- 11 stories tall and shooting straight up. The beads are made of wood and is attached to the main sail like ball bearings*

*this shot got cold and wet in a hurry-I was on bow watch and the wind kicked up and it started raining buckets- but what a great seat!*

*this was peeking through the boom and sail at another boat*

*Ron and Dr. David shooting some video footage about the importance of PBR in wine making....*

*see-look ma- really- I went on a vacation- AND I'm in the photos!!!!*

*T was just so stinking cute I couldn't resist!
Her dad was Chef 'A' and knocked out a great seafood bonanza!*

*this lighthouse was so sweet and the colors made me happy*

*1st mate Chris through the porthole from the chart room*

*Dr. David doing his thing *
*the crew getting some R&R at the end of the day*

*Rock.... talk about salt of the Earth- he is- and I loved him. He's like pirate hospitality...gruff and opinionated- and a giant teddy bear all at the same time. I caught him relaxing for a second- and love that you can see the sail in his glasses*

*isn't she a beauty???*

*what an incredible way to spend an evening- or three of them in this case*

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