Monday, August 2, 2010

Hoopfest '10

Man- where has the summer gone? I mean really- it's AUGUST!!!! How did that happen? I've been running around like a woman on fire for months- trips, shoots, work, appointments..... and summer has just about vaporized on me!

And I'm feeling some guilt- I've been so focused on everyone else's photos... that I haven't focused on some shots of my own kids.... and I'm way behind on posting some really well deserved press for my oldest. who was invited to play on a pick up team at Hoopfest in Spokane.
And I'm sure that some will say- 'Hoopfest for a 10 year old? How hard can that be?' Well let me tell you- anyone who has ever said that girls sports are not full contact or physical- clearly has never been to a ladies hoops game- or street ball! Oni and her team- were pickin 'em up and puttin' 'em down all weekend. These girls pulled off a 3rd place overall for their age bracket out of 15 teams- as a pick up team! Oni had played with one girl- and the other two were girls her teammate had played soccer with.... but talk about girls that gelled..... wow! To say that they and so many of the girls they played in Spokane have talent- and a future is a radical understatement. It was a joy to watch them play- and we who were spectators were exhausted from the angst and excitement!

Oni really enjoyed playing with these girls and responded well to the coaching she recieved- and she blossomed on the court- she played like we've never seen her play before- it was intense and it was GOOD!

We had a unique situation where I had a first cousin and a 2nd cousin- who are the same ages as my girls also playing- so our entire family was running from court to court all over downtown Spokane trying to watch all three kids' games! It was crazy and exciting and fun... we were sunburned and dehydrated- but content. Life was good. *Here was my little fashionista/cheerleader Gabbi*
*A tired but empowered Onika-
...I'm seeing glimpses of what she'll look like as a teen.... *

What a great group of sweet and talented girls!

*do not attempt to guard me- it will lead to buckled knees and twisted ankles..*

*many a girl realized that running into Oni was like hitting a train*
Just wanted to say how very proud I am of my baby and her friends- because they rocked it- and to the rest of my family- thanks for the support and hospitality- it and you are so loved! xoxo Didi

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