Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weddings and Wineries....

This last week while we've been on vacation has absolutely evaporated!

Last weekend we were in Portland, OR to witness our dear friend Joel marry his long ago high school sweetheart Bridgette- who as the universe happen to see fit- to bring them together some 20 years later. They, along with Joel's beautiful daughters had a sweet ceremony at the lovely Elk Cove Winery. *you can read more about them here*

We had a great time as it was a bit of a reunion of old friends from our days in Bellingham and WWU... of course the boys had to keep the stories to a minimum as we're all respectable adults with kids now....(try not too hard to fall off your chair there.....). But truly- the rehearsal and the reception were great fun watching everyone reminisce and laugh out loud.

I had the luxury of just sitting back and playing at this wedding- but I couldn't help but snap a few shots- because the details, venue and couple were gorgeous.

I wish them a most happily ever after! xoox D

Here is the happy couple catching some last sweet sunlight on the fringes of the pinot grapes with their photographer. You can catch his work here:

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