Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

You know that it's gonna be a fun day when you are shooting with Tiff or Rosie or Robin.... and I got to play with all three yesterday!!!!

I've known Tiff and Rosie for about 15 years and have been shooting with them for 6+ years and much of how/what I shoot- is thanks to them- they have been my guinea pigs, my cheering section and some of my biggest promoters.... and I love them long time!!!!

These girls have been BFF since they were in elementary school- and I L-O-V-E that they are still so close! So when Tiff came to me with this idea- I jumped at the chance!

Along with some new head shots for her website- she wanted to have a "rewind session" with her BFF's. And we had soooo much fun! We were wishing for some sunshine... but they made their own!

Since they are few years behind me- I have a little bit of a protective mother-hen complex with them- and I have to say- that I absolutely love the women they have become- from the young girls I knew! They have style and smarts and a great sense of who they are- and confidence is key!


Kate Barnette said...

Hey, I know these girls!!! Beautiful, Didi!

nonapearl said...

beautiful work! the ladies look AWESOME!!!