Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Look who finally arrived!!!!! Baby Brayden is finally here!!!! I was so excited to meet him yesterday! Sadly I was out of town and not able to photograph his grand entrance as planned- but he's still very fresh- and just as cute as he can be!!! And speaking of cute- check out the absolutely fab knit-werks by my girl Fi Fi at Daydream Believer....... that snuggly sac and teddy bear hat- shut the front door! :) You can find out more about her here:
So Fi Fi- thanks a million- the new props rock! And T-Fam.... you do great work- he's absolutely perfect! Much love! xoxo Didi

Sunday, June 13, 2010



There's a word for ya....... it covers a broad range or products that are associated with everything from car bumpers to flooring to fabrics.... and often with kids.... And for a very good reason. Bumps, bruises, scrapes & falls- kids just have a way of usually coming out just fine.

Take Miss Farrah for instance. This sweet baby came to see me for her one year photos- and her first ever photo session today.... (no pressure here...) 'And why no sessions before this?' you ask.... and the answer is simple...... because this sweet girl has spent more time in the hospital than out- and has had probably about as many procedures as I've had birthdays. And yet- she is one of the the happiest, busiest little balls of energy you've ever seen! Resilient. I love that.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with her set of super cool, laid back and hip parents and a G'ma who is koo-koo-for coco-puffs crazy for her! She is loved and she radiates that.

I had such a great time meeting the P family- I look forward to watching this little one blossom!
xoox Didi V~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Komen Race for the Cure Seattle

June 6th, 2010
Seattle Center- Seattle, WA
Susan G. Komen's RACE FOR THE CURE

I can't even tell you how my heart sank Sunday morning when I rose (at an un-Godly hour for a Sunday) to what can only be described as miserable drizzle...

I have been planning and fundraising for this day for months.... and it was going to end on a wet, wet day.... But- the rain didn't dampen our spirits- my smart phone and doorbell began ringing and binging off the hook at 7:15AM! Friends pulling up to the driveway or pouring into my kitchen- all ready and rearing to go. (have I mentioned I'm blessed with some of the most amazing circle of friends ever???? Seriously- they are the BEST!!!!!)

It turned into a game of hurry up and wait tho- as I5 traffic was a bit heavy considering the amount of rain and water on the roads... . Once we exited Mercer tho- it was a traffic debacle.... at the over pass as you are heading up Mercer- it was merged into one lane for construction... (I'd personally like to thank the City of Seattle for this genius move in planning....) and everyone who was headed for the 5k family walk- was all pretty much headed for the same parking garage on 3rd & Mercer.... (which is by the way- pretty swank for a silly parking garage...).

Once we located each other via cell phone... we headed up top and up Harrison and the fountain.... and a mile long line for the bathrooms for the kids before we started. Once we had found the remaining members of Team Miracle Miles- we headed for the start line.

Now if any of you have ever done this event- we're doing the 5k walk- which is more like a crawl- as you and 12,999 other folks- are trying to politely not flat tire each other- and stay with your group as a few rude rogue walkers and wanna be joggers and Johnny Come Lately scramble to find their groups- by stepping on you.... But soon that gives way to smiles and in spite of the pouring rain- laughter.... The announcers yell out team names- some are sentimental- others are bawdy- but all here, are walking in support or memory of someone dear to them.

Our team all walk for someone (or multiple someones) that are dear to them. Hence why I tried my hand at designing our own team T's this year. I wanted to be able to show onlookers the beautiful faces of the women we were walking for. It seems it was a hit- and I'm so glad. :)

Our team name, Team Miracle Miles comes from a conversation I had with my dear friend Nan Sarb about 5 years ago. She said she while she was going through chemo and radiation for her ACC (Adenoid Cystic Sarcoma) that she wanted to be known as MIRACLE NAN, she wanted to be the one who beat her exceedingly rare form of breast cancer- but, unfortunately, even after mastectomy and a battery of surgeries and treatment, it finally spread to her lungs and bones. We lost her physical presence- but her spirit and love lives on in us, the Miles Family.... and Team Miracle Miles. I'm blessed with friends and family who support my need to want to help others and honor my friend.

I am also blessed that I have so many women who've beaten it- who are looking back from this side- and shaking their fist- saying, 'not this time cancer- not this time!!!!'

And so for these women- and my friends, and my daughters and myself.......I will continue to walk every single year..... until we find a cure. :) Then- I'll just shake my ass in the streets and do a little dance of praise!

Thank you again- to all who supported our team- whether it was walking with me, financial donations or thoughts, prayers and kind words.... I love you & thank you. As Nan used to sign all of her correspondence:

Do small things with love....

Much love- Didi

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy day post

Just in case everyone thought I had fallen off the planet.... I assure you, I have not- I've just been swamped with work, editing, company, sports and volunteering and fundraising. This is a huge busy weekend and then- things should level back out again. For those of you waiting photos- I appreciate your patience- the end result will be worth it- promise! :)

I leave you with a couple of shots from last week- when the girls convinced me to flat iron their hair (no small task I might add..) and give them a trim. I personally love their curls just the way they are.. but they love having it 'like everyone else's...' of course it was damp and rainy out- so it lasted all of about 15 minutes before it curled right back up. :)

And they look so much older with it straight.... :( not so sure I like that at ALL......

Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo D