Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy day post

Just in case everyone thought I had fallen off the planet.... I assure you, I have not- I've just been swamped with work, editing, company, sports and volunteering and fundraising. This is a huge busy weekend and then- things should level back out again. For those of you waiting photos- I appreciate your patience- the end result will be worth it- promise! :)

I leave you with a couple of shots from last week- when the girls convinced me to flat iron their hair (no small task I might add..) and give them a trim. I personally love their curls just the way they are.. but they love having it 'like everyone else's...' of course it was damp and rainy out- so it lasted all of about 15 minutes before it curled right back up. :)

And they look so much older with it straight.... :( not so sure I like that at ALL......

Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo D

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