Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matt & Alicia

Ahhh..... It's official!!!
Sweet Halle- the bride's daughter....

I just loved the contrast of her perfectly pedicured toes to his boots and the rocks.....

Hardly a soul on the beach- it was perfection!

Chivalry is not dead- love that!

Gorgeous flowers.... will post more later! Must run!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Living "Happy Ever After"

Alicia and I have known each other forever- we worked together about 12 years ago- and found out that we lived only about a block away from each other. Lost track of each other for a bit- found out we were both pregnant- due less than two weeks from each other. Had our girls, hung out frequently- then life pulled us back apart a bit- only connecting once in a while- and then sadly- sort of lost touch. A few years later- on a school bus that we were both on as chaperons.. we found each other again! And wouldn't you know- we had just closed on the house we live in now- and she lived 9 houses down the street- ****insert Twilight Zone theme song here....***

Anyhoo- She and her fiance Matt had decided it was time to get married- it would be just them and their kids- they wanted a totally quiet and private affair to officially join their families. I was totally tickled that she asked me me to come along......she asked me if I was busy next Sunday... with a wicked little smile.... so of course I said "yes- I'll do it!"

We couldn't have asked for better weather!!!! Not sure if you all understand what a stroke of luck it was- to get married at the beach- in March- and have it be that glorious...... considering it had rained buckets the night before......

It was simple and sweet- Congrats guys!!!! Here's to your Happy Ever After! Thanks for choosing me. :) xoox D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It was one of those days today- spring break began, parent teacher conferences were done- and all the kids in the neighborhood were out- and at my house! :) So fun with everybody zooming around and playing tag- so I snapped some of the kids playing before the rain came back and drove everyone inside for the evening. Ellie & Henry playin like they do-
and Ayden showing off his new hardware.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

When life gives you lemons....

You make lemonade..... and lemon drops and maybe even lemon bars.....

My sweet neighbor shared her bounty of gorgeous produce sent to her by family- and they are absolutely sunshine- and smell just divine! Thanks so much for sharing Kristin- we are so enjoying them!!!! xoxo D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day at Miss Paula's

Today I drove to edge of the universe, and then turned left...... or at least that's how if felt! No really- it wasn't that far. I was driving to Miss Paula's house- she is a friend and co-worker of my husband. She was hosting the baby shower for another friend of ours, Miss Cathy.
I just loved Paula's playful, colorful style- what an amazing home- she and her husband have spent years remodeling and customizing their place- and it shows- the details are crazy cool- and all these mosaics- she did herself. I'm pretty sure I was drooling over that entry door- that's thousands of tiny pieces of broken glass- attached to those french doors- to form the perfect fern frond patterns.... freakin A-MAZING!!!!

I want to go back and shoot photos of their place just because there's so many things of whimsy!

We ate wonderful treats and created scrap-book pages for Cathy to just drop in photos of the sweet baby boy doing all those cute baby things. ( a dream album for a busy momma) The pages were wonderful and creative- so many different folks and so many different styles- and what a fun memory- of all of us giggling down that mile long table in Paula's dining room that overlooks the river.
Thanks so much for including me ladies- it was a good day indeed! xoxo D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My girls....

Now while I'd like to say that the girls went along with me to try my new camera willingly and without protest..... I'd be lying... it took some convincing... ok- let's just call it what it is... it was bribery..... They had some gift certificates to 31-flavors- so I told them if they were my gineau pigs for my new camera today- I'd take them to ice cream.

Yes- that's right- I FINALLY ordered my new camera. It's the definately beefed up version of the Canon I've been running. It's 4 years newer and three tech upgrades- but there is going to be a learning curve....

Anyhoo- back to the girls- it never ceases to amaze me- how fast they grow up! Their thought process, and their learning and well... their everything. I just look all gooffy and dreamy eyed at them most of the time- they just take my breath away with how beautiful and smart they are. (don't get me wrong- they are not total angels.... and can be smart mouthed at times.... but overall- they're awfully good kids.) They make me so darned proud. :)

You know what I think makes me the most proud- is that we've raised them to be close- and even tho they squabble like all sibs- they really are bestest friends.... I love that! And I love them!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Triumphant return....

Remember this winter when I was telling you about Mr. Hodge? He's the PE teacher at Oni & Gabbi's school. He's just a super nice guy- all the kids love him- and when he was called back to Iraq- they moaned and cried and counted the days for his return.... And then in October-right here at home....he was involved in a terrible car crash- and lost his leg......

Well a mere 4.5 months later- he's back at school- teaching!!!!! To all of the folks who donated to the "Jump rope for Mr. Hodge-a-thon"- thank you! And for anyone who'd still like to help or read more on his return.... here's the link!


The PTA is also going to be producing a "Dessert Auction Event" on Thursday, April 23, 2009 from 6:30-8:30 PM, at Cavelero Mid-High Commons. Each classroom is putting together themed baskets to be auctioned off, yummy deserts and a selection of goods and services.

I will be one of those goods & services.... I will be offering up a one hour shoot to the highest bidder at the auction.... SOOOOOOO...... if you'd like to help out the "Friends of Mr. Hodge Fund" AND have photos with me..... now is the perfect time to do so!!!!!


I am also trying to put together some local special photo events for 2009.

I thought it might be fun to offer special pricing on some "on-location" destination shoots......those who wanted to all come to me, in one location for your appointment time and then go on your way and explore that destination!

It saves me time, you money and since you are already some place fun, you can go on your merry way and have an adventure with your family that day! :)

So far I'm thinking :
Spring: Easter/Tulip fields (April)
Summer: Jetty Island- beach/ocean/late day sun/sunset (July)
Fall: Juanita or St. Edwards Park- huge, gi-normous trees- amazing colors...(Sept/Oct.)

Let me know if anyone is interested or you have a great destination idea!!!! My calendar is beginning to fill up- so if you were considering having photos done (hopefully with me) now is a good time to book your time/date.

Hope you are all doing great- look forward to seeing all of you one of these days soon!!!! xoxo D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just playing....

Just playing tonight- making some new layouts from a wedding I shot a while back. This couple was just so striking!

Nothing like a bunch of giddy girlfriends to liven things up....

My friend Heidi could make a potato sack look good- it's really not fair.....just naturally beautiful!

I'm a sucker for old time/historical photos... I love sepia tone and hand painted photos from the turn of the century.... these have that warm, comfortable- worn-in kind of feel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is trying....

Spring really is trying to come soon.... I've seen so many signs the last few days..... Tulips and crocus are shimmering in the wind and even the clover is here for St. Patrick's day!

Smile and enjoy the little things in life.....
I wish some luck for you- all day long! xoxo D


I'm just playing around for a minute here- so bear with me.... I finally have the ability to build collages- thank you Jodie at MCP!!!! What cool templates and actions! You will be making my life so much simpler!

And these as many of you know are two more of my favorite muses... my nieces, Kendyl & Kiana.


My goodness where did the weekend go???? It was chock full of parties and activities. I have to say- that I wish I could clone myself so that I could be in more than one place at a time....(I'm sure my kids would definitely NOT appreciate that tho!)

I had two big events for Saturday evening- and they overlapped- so I sadly couldn't make both- so I have to give a big hug and a congrats to my friend Ms. A.H. who will be getting married soon- I'm sorry I couldn't make your party as well- but I have a sassy gift waiting for you here! Hope you partied like a rock star baby!!! xoxo D
These are shots from the fiesta across the street at our friend Jorge's place. It was a massive celebration of birthdays, a welcome to their daughter, announcing someone else's pregnancy, and celebrating the finalization of another's messy divorce....
Jorge is an amazing cook- and the guys did the grilling and cooking, the ladies chased the kids, everyone was sipping and loving the jalapeno margaritas- and loving being together!

We all so enjoy each other's company- it was great to just laugh and catch up and of course enjoy Jorge's cooking- it was so amazing..... even the kids were slurping up clams at 10pm!

These are my little contribution to dinner- chocolate dipped strawberries.....mmmmmm so pretty to look at, wonderful to taste and an absolute breeze to put together! I also threw together the blueberry tarts at the top of this post. The tarts were a last minute decision as I realized the berries were going to be gone in a flash.
I pulled some pre-made pie crust and cream cheese from the fridge and some frozen blueberries from this last summer out. Made little cone shaped crusts and dropped into buttered muffin tins. Took flour, sugar, cardamon and ginger- mixed with a fork, dropped in the berries and coated with the dry mixture. Scooped a canal of cream cheese and dropped into the pastry shells and topped with the berry/flour mixture. Covered and baked for 20 minutes, pulled foil and baked for another 20-25- let cool and top with powdered sugar. I figured they would either totally rock- or we'd have to toss them. It was a great gamble- tart, sweet, savory and buttery all in one- they were a hit!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hands down- my favorite shot from today- Look at those eyes!!!!!

Holy Snow, Batman!!!!

So- I'm sort of working backwards here on adding photos to today post.... these were shot as the sun finally came out around three today- after a raging blizzard that dumped nearly a foot of snow in about 3.5 hours- it was a crazy, crazy weather day. So the kids stormed the yards after they got off the bus and made snow balls the size of smart cars!!!! Man- there was sooooo much snow!
I just loved this shot of my neighbor kid- missing front teeth and eyes-a-glow- sheer joy!

Oh my pretty girl Oni- so intense sometimes....

and others... such a goof! :) LOL- here she was rolling around in the snow and showing the neighbor baby how to make snow angels.
Gabbi getting in on the act- and snow on her face!

E from next door- checking it all out....
She looks like a precious moments doll- anyone remember those?

This is mid-day- straight up noon- even with a flash- it was storming soooooo hard!

Snow? Really?????

Seriously- enough with the snow already- I'm watching really come down right now- it was minor dusting on the crocus plants earlier- but this is ridiculous!!!!!


I made this happy little 'rita sans the rocks.... just some tequila, mix, triple sec, fresh squeezed lime, shaken vigorously and poured into a chilled glass, rimmed with pretty colored sugar.

Sip and enjoy- repeat as necessary- and watch the sun go down!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who wants to lick the beaters????

Don't you wish you were here right now????? My chocolate chippers are mighty tasty!

Since there are three whole sticks of butter in these... they are slightly crispy on the outside but still chewy in the inside.... mmmmmmm

Finished product

So last night, I showed you the images of Ron preparing the brine and the salmon. Today, after carefully rinsing the fish in more bottled water, patting dry with a paper towel, he placed on the racks. All four racks were totally full- sitting on the island- with two fans blowing across them- to develop the "pelicle" or film. Then he tops with brown sugar and fresh cracked black pepper.In they go for several hours at 180 degrees....You can see the wood chips in the can puffing away here
These are cooling- almost ready to come out.....

And this- is nirvana...... smoked fish heaven!

You can see the darker color on the skin side- as it was skin side down and takes the brunt of the smoke- you can see how it permeates the meat.