Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day at Miss Paula's

Today I drove to edge of the universe, and then turned left...... or at least that's how if felt! No really- it wasn't that far. I was driving to Miss Paula's house- she is a friend and co-worker of my husband. She was hosting the baby shower for another friend of ours, Miss Cathy.
I just loved Paula's playful, colorful style- what an amazing home- she and her husband have spent years remodeling and customizing their place- and it shows- the details are crazy cool- and all these mosaics- she did herself. I'm pretty sure I was drooling over that entry door- that's thousands of tiny pieces of broken glass- attached to those french doors- to form the perfect fern frond patterns.... freakin A-MAZING!!!!

I want to go back and shoot photos of their place just because there's so many things of whimsy!

We ate wonderful treats and created scrap-book pages for Cathy to just drop in photos of the sweet baby boy doing all those cute baby things. ( a dream album for a busy momma) The pages were wonderful and creative- so many different folks and so many different styles- and what a fun memory- of all of us giggling down that mile long table in Paula's dining room that overlooks the river.
Thanks so much for including me ladies- it was a good day indeed! xoxo D


Miss Vicki said...

What a creative and fun thing to do at a shower! And what a welcome gift to a new Mommie! A lasting book of memories of a fun day and good friends! OH and Di! Your pix are fabulous! I just want to see them LARGER so I can see the details from Miss Paula's beautiful "STUFF".
Hugs, Miss Vicki

Didi said...

Yeah- her mosaics are A-mazing!!!!! I knew you'd be crazy for them!