Monday, March 9, 2009

Holy Snow, Batman!!!!

So- I'm sort of working backwards here on adding photos to today post.... these were shot as the sun finally came out around three today- after a raging blizzard that dumped nearly a foot of snow in about 3.5 hours- it was a crazy, crazy weather day. So the kids stormed the yards after they got off the bus and made snow balls the size of smart cars!!!! Man- there was sooooo much snow!
I just loved this shot of my neighbor kid- missing front teeth and eyes-a-glow- sheer joy!

Oh my pretty girl Oni- so intense sometimes....

and others... such a goof! :) LOL- here she was rolling around in the snow and showing the neighbor baby how to make snow angels.
Gabbi getting in on the act- and snow on her face!

E from next door- checking it all out....
She looks like a precious moments doll- anyone remember those?

This is mid-day- straight up noon- even with a flash- it was storming soooooo hard!

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