Monday, March 30, 2009

Living "Happy Ever After"

Alicia and I have known each other forever- we worked together about 12 years ago- and found out that we lived only about a block away from each other. Lost track of each other for a bit- found out we were both pregnant- due less than two weeks from each other. Had our girls, hung out frequently- then life pulled us back apart a bit- only connecting once in a while- and then sadly- sort of lost touch. A few years later- on a school bus that we were both on as chaperons.. we found each other again! And wouldn't you know- we had just closed on the house we live in now- and she lived 9 houses down the street- ****insert Twilight Zone theme song here....***

Anyhoo- She and her fiance Matt had decided it was time to get married- it would be just them and their kids- they wanted a totally quiet and private affair to officially join their families. I was totally tickled that she asked me me to come along......she asked me if I was busy next Sunday... with a wicked little smile.... so of course I said "yes- I'll do it!"

We couldn't have asked for better weather!!!! Not sure if you all understand what a stroke of luck it was- to get married at the beach- in March- and have it be that glorious...... considering it had rained buckets the night before......

It was simple and sweet- Congrats guys!!!! Here's to your Happy Ever After! Thanks for choosing me. :) xoox D

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