Tuesday, August 6, 2013

P-Fam Fun

Meet the P-Fam.
John and Allison have been in our circle of friends since.... well since before there was and "us" for my husband & me....and that = more than 20 years we've all been friends!
Allison was also one of the driving forces in my turning my hobby of photographing children into something more.
I so love watching my client families grow and change- and am so honored that my friends also come to me to chronicle their journey over the years in photos. 
  The P-Fam is the All American "Boy" family.  They are very actively involved in the schools and local sports programs, Scouts, their community and they throw one heck of a traditional Patriotic 4th of July party- so their Americana shots make me smile big!
Love you guys!
xoxo Didi V.



{This final shot isn't my usual style- but I could help but stare at the photo and wonder what I was missing- and then it hit me.... John was standing under the bridge height marker so I had to go and look up the verse to see what it said.... and it seemed very fitting for them.} 

Friday, August 2, 2013


Jensen just turned 1!!!!
And talk about a boy who loves the camera- and it loved him right back!
LOOOOOK  at those eyes- are you kidding me?????
I had so stinking much fun crawling around Evergreen Arboretum with him!
The colors are insane there right now- if you haven't checked them out recently- you really should- it's a lovely place for a pic nic!




Super B!

I absolutely can not believe that Brayden is 3 already!!!!!!
We decided to do something different to celebrate this event.....
His pretty momma and I have had this shoot in mind since before he was born and the other night was the PERFECT time to make it happen!
{there were ice cream cones involved in the making of this cuteness, but no M&M's were harmed}
Sooo.... without further ado...  please enjoy the ridiculously sweet imagination of little boy goodness!