Thursday, March 19, 2009

Triumphant return....

Remember this winter when I was telling you about Mr. Hodge? He's the PE teacher at Oni & Gabbi's school. He's just a super nice guy- all the kids love him- and when he was called back to Iraq- they moaned and cried and counted the days for his return.... And then in October-right here at home....he was involved in a terrible car crash- and lost his leg......

Well a mere 4.5 months later- he's back at school- teaching!!!!! To all of the folks who donated to the "Jump rope for Mr. Hodge-a-thon"- thank you! And for anyone who'd still like to help or read more on his return.... here's the link!

The PTA is also going to be producing a "Dessert Auction Event" on Thursday, April 23, 2009 from 6:30-8:30 PM, at Cavelero Mid-High Commons. Each classroom is putting together themed baskets to be auctioned off, yummy deserts and a selection of goods and services.

I will be one of those goods & services.... I will be offering up a one hour shoot to the highest bidder at the auction.... SOOOOOOO...... if you'd like to help out the "Friends of Mr. Hodge Fund" AND have photos with me..... now is the perfect time to do so!!!!!


I am also trying to put together some local special photo events for 2009.

I thought it might be fun to offer special pricing on some "on-location" destination shoots......those who wanted to all come to me, in one location for your appointment time and then go on your way and explore that destination!

It saves me time, you money and since you are already some place fun, you can go on your merry way and have an adventure with your family that day! :)

So far I'm thinking :
Spring: Easter/Tulip fields (April)
Summer: Jetty Island- beach/ocean/late day sun/sunset (July)
Fall: Juanita or St. Edwards Park- huge, gi-normous trees- amazing colors...(Sept/Oct.)

Let me know if anyone is interested or you have a great destination idea!!!! My calendar is beginning to fill up- so if you were considering having photos done (hopefully with me) now is a good time to book your time/date.

Hope you are all doing great- look forward to seeing all of you one of these days soon!!!! xoxo D


Roxie said...

What an incredible story of the PE teacher. I truly wish him the best. :)

Didi said...

He's a great guy- and he's made an amazing come-back in 4.5 months- he's got a huge support system in the staff, students and familes here- I think he'll be just fine. :)

Heidilynn said...

Don't forget the Seattle Highland Games in July and Whidbey Island Highland & Wine fest in August!

Didi said...

yes but Heidle- that's just an "us girls" day and people watching! ;) I'll be in 'rugged good lookin men in kilts day' overload- it does heart good!