Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alex at the Arboretum

Ahhhhh...... summer.....

Bare feet on the soft grass, warm sunshine, gentle breeze in the trees... really- does it get any better? Only if you add a heaping spoonful of cuteness and a pinch of family fun!

I had the pleasure of working with baby Alex again yesterday at the Evergreen Arboretum in Everett's Marina/waterfront district. He's a big boy now- he's turned 1 and is crawling and cruising up a storm! He's a busy boy for sure! This time, I got to meet his handsome daddy and pretty Aunti who's visiting from back east- and it's easy to see where his mommy gets that amazing smile- because both mommy and Anti have these amazing million mega watt smiles- pretty family for sure!!!!

It was a pleasure to hang out with this super cool and relaxed bunch- roll around in the soft grass, play with their dogs and laugh and drink in the cuteness that is Alex!

Thanks for coming to play with me guys! xoxo Didi

*need I say more about daddies and sweet moments with their babies???*

*'the girls'..... Pretty & Ansel*

*there was much to explore yesterday*
*and appearantly we'd worn him out.. because when mommy and Aunti brought out his favorite book and softee baby.... he was all done... so it was "a wrap" as they say!*
*daddy had alread taken Alex's lead while waiting patiently with the girls*

*this gorgeous entry was the perfect spot of some snaps of the pretty sisters and sweet boy Alex*

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