Monday, January 17, 2011

Gorgeous Gwen

Happy New Year! 

Heck it's almost Happy Valentine's...... and speaking of Valentine's....  this is going to be on heck of a gift....
I was SO excited to get to work (it was a whole lot of laughing and playing.. hard to call it work...) with Gwen again yesterday!!!    I met her and her hubby last summer for their "We-Did" session at Edmonds Beach.

We decided to road test my newly redecorated boudoir/master suite that I spent all day painting on Friday and added the finishing touches  to after work on Saturday.. we rather liked it- it's sort of Paris meets Montego Bay... it's fresh and feels like a vacation.  And of course with smokin' hot looks and legs like Gwen's... it was sure to be a hit!  We got some very saucy shots.... I'm pretty sure her hubby may have to receive medical attention when he receives these for Valentine's day.... so ssshhhhhhhh!  Keep it on the DL!

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