Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day with my girls

Today- was a good day.

We as a family run pretty crazy busy all the time around here at Che' Miles.... so it was a bit of a shock- and a welcome respit- that today- there was not a single thing on the calendar. 

The weather wasn't half bad-{it wasn't that great either tho...} but we braved the chilly air and the promise of a slice of sunshine.  Since the girls' birthdays are coming up... I decided it was time to go and update the snaps of my beautiful girls.  The large scale images of them, that don my walls... are roughly 5 years old!



It took some bribery... a trip to Bite Me Cupcakes was one of our stops, and a cruise through Faded Elegance on First in Snohomish. {we love Miss Kim and her absolutely fabulous shop!}  We got to play dress-up, giggle and just spend some time together.   And it was good.....

The girls have changed soooo much since I originally shot  their now famous "African Queen" shots 6 years ago and so has my ability as a total novice photographer!  Our overall looks have grown up- gotten a bit more beautiful and sophisticated.... and I couldn't have achieved that without them!  They are now, always have been and will likely always will muses- the ultimate inspiration.  And now that they are getting older- they are my assistants and my color commentators and consultants. {they were two of the four people who's opinions on style I especially value- and consulted when choosing the look for the new website that we'll be launching this spring!!!}

I pulled out this amazing dress from Africa and the beads that I received with it- figuring the girls were old enough to try it on.  I've had this dress in my possession for at least 30 years.  The original owner was a little old lady from back home- who had traveled the world over and had artifacts and curiosities in every little nook and cranny of her amazing home.  I remember commenting that I thought it was the most amazing dress I had ever seen... and she pulled off the display and gave it to me!  And I am still enamoured with it... and I'm so glad I've had an opportunity to utilize it today.... because it was perfect!

Never pass up the chance to spend some time with a good girlfriend or two- and never miss the chance to have a beautiful photo of your self taken.  Every woman- regardless of age- deserves beautiful photos of herself.  Learn to see yourself through someone else's eyes.... You'll be amazed at the beauty THEY see- that perhaps you missed before. 

Better weather is headed our way.... book now for your beauty session! xoxo Didi V.

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