Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More from Sunday...

This shot is also from Sunday- Debbie, partner in crime to Corrina below- what fun these two ladies were!
Miss Debbie is so much more reserved than Corrina- but it was certainly a giggle fest. Doing pin-up style photos takes guts- you put all of yourself out there- on so many levels.... but as I've many ladies tell me- "Now that I've done this- I can do anything!" Talk about shedding all of your fears and inhibitions- that'll do it!
I'm always glad that I've helped bring happy photo gifts to the men in their lives..... woman are so beautiful in so many ways- why not give your spouse a stunning portrait of you?
She is so regal looking- and classically beautiful! What I love about this shot- is that it doesn't show a thing- it leaves it all to the imagination- and that mystery is priceless! But I really love- is that it's totally uncluttered with stuff- no clothes- minimal jewelry.....simple- beautiful. :)

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