Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall in Washington....

Most of the time I can honestly say that living in Western Washington and the rain that comes along with the calm coastal waters and sweeping mountain views is a small price to pay....... except when you are the bride at an outdoor fall wedding- or her photographer..... and it's raining buckets!

Now as the minister (who is long time friend to the groom) and I were discussing the above mentioned precipitaion over the sounds of wet squeaking shoes scurrying around as friends and family set up inside for the event.... is that the wives tale of rain on your wedding day being good fortune- and that if this is the worst thing that ever happens to Tom & Ingrid- they can count their blessings- and call it a success!

The wedding went seamlessly- (other than the rain and having to totally rearrange the plan...) and the ceremony draws to a close, and I'm walking backward back down the aisle to capture the happy couple coming out the door to the recieving line... and what do I find????? It has not only stopped raining.... but what catches my eye in a puddle of rainwater on the walkway???? The sun- peeking out of the fast moving clouds!!!!! And blue sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day!!!!! Proof positive that prayers are answered.... even if they aren't always on our time schedule! (my mother will nod her head in approval here...)

And so all's well that ends well, right? Tom and Ingrid got married- and it turned out to be a gorgeous day- man I just love happy endings!

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