Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.....

Oh this weather is going to drive me to distraction...... I had to postpone two shoots yesterday due to the rain.... and the wedding I'm doing this afternoon will now have to be indoors. :( which is such a pity- the venue for this wedding is gorgeous- bay views to the west and huge old trees and dahlia gardens on the immediate premesis and a quick walk south is the Evergreen aboretum (one of my favorite places to shoot...have I mentioned that to adnosium yet????? ) and the colors are so good there right now..... But what can you do????

This is Washington afterall! I am comforted by the fact that after meeting the wedding party last night for rehearsal- that I'm pretty certain they can make anything funny- what a crew! Everything is a one liner or a loving jab at an obviously long history amongst friends.

I tried something new last night while lurking durring the rehearsal last night. It looks really goofy on my camera- but it works! I ran into another photographer last weekend who was haunting the arboretum shooting senior portraits as well. I inquired about the peice of paper (which later turned out to be packing material of sorts) rubber banded to his multi-directional flash. We were both shooting Canon and the same flash...... so he directed me to some other guy's you tube presentation.
and it seems too simple to be true.... but I tried it last night and was amazed at how much more I liked the photos taken indoor at night than ever before..... so I'm hoping that this gem of information will serve me well today at the wedding ceremony.... we shall see.

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