Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentine's gift he'll never forget...

I love a lady who plans ahead.... and Holy guacamole is her husband going to be surprised!

I met with Miss M on Sunday for some pin-up fun to send to her husband who is currently serving overseas in a very hot and sandy place.....

When I asked how long he'd been out of country her answer was 7 months.... and when I asked how long they had been married- her answer was 7 months..... wow- can you imagine having to let your hubby go during the time that should be your honeymoon???? Talk about sacrifice! ( A big thank you goes out to this family- and to all the other military families who make this kind of sacrifice to keep the world a safer place!!!!)

And thank you to Miss D, who I'm sure you'll remember as Mrs. Clause in my December posts... who came up to hang out and be my assistant for this shoot! What a fun day!
SO.... I think it will go without saying- that these photos will I'm sure be instrumental in his wanting to get home and pick up where he left off with his new bride! :) Miss M- best of luck to you both! Thanks for coming to play with me!

*can I just say- I love how this shot came out...I love the blown-out effect!*

What a shot- I'm sure he misses this pretty view...sweet dreams!

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