Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cabin Fever

What a better way to rid yourself of the cabin fever of winter blues- than to take off and go to the cabin and camp and play with your family!!!!

My SIL H hit me up a while back to say that her folks weren't able to use the family's cabin on Hood Canal on their assigned weekend- and did we want to go with them again... I think my answer was "uhm.. HELL-YEAH!!!"

So all 8 of us pack and piled in the to cars and jumped a ferry Friday morning for a weekend jam packed with non-stop squeals and giggles from the four cousins and lots of laughs for us grown-ups. The weather couldn't have been more perfect- and some minus tides made for amazing clamming and oyster hunting on the beach right below the cabin- lots of cocktails and some mighty fine food= kick-booty weekend!!!

My super cute baby niece- is still the baby of the family- but she's getting to be a big girl now and did a darned good job of trying to hang with the 3 big girls this trip. *shown here with the baby crab she found in the water*

*ohhhhh..... thos dimples*

Here the gaggle in action!

all four of my girls are just growing up so fast- and just get prettier every day- we're so proud of how smart and athletic all four girls are! The genes are so strong here- they all have so many of the same characteristics.... they are each very much their own person.

Sunrise on the canal- gorgeous!

Sunset- just as pretty!

we went and checked out the falls again- so pretty but so cold! It's a short hike from the road- and we were darned glad to get back out and find the sun again!

The Gaggle in action.....again......

Spring has sprung and with it came the sillies.....

Smile!!!! You're on Candid Camera.......And see- proof that I was actually on a vacation!!!!! (me with my A-dorable SIL Heather!)

I have so many favorites from this trip- it will have to have it's own scrapbook I think. I pared it down from the nearly 700 frames- down to a manageable 250..... that's good- really, it is, I promise!
Hope you got out and played in the glorious sunshine this weekend- and Bud & Heather- thank you again for a great weekend! xoox D


Stephanie said...

Love, love, love these new photos! Looks like you had a wonderful get away. Thanks for sharing.

Celeste~ said...

These are absolutely beautiful! A scenic and memory laden get-away! :-)

Didi (Dioncia) Von Bargen-Miles said...

Thanks ladies! It was soooo much fun!