Monday, March 15, 2010

Adorable Alex

Wow! Where did the weekend go???? It was a two day bonanza of baby sessions, birthday parties, birthday cakes, fun surprise drop in company that evolved into a mini party and sports banquets. 48 hours goes like 45 minutes when you run crazy like we do here in this house!

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet boy Alex and his momma Kristen yesterday. (Alex is the "boyfriend" of sweet baby Adi and one of these days- we'll get all that cuteness together in one photo!)

We had a fun time playing and chatting- momma Kristen was creative & fun and brought great toys and distractions for Alex- (I was too distracted with those amazing eyes and beautiful creamy baby skin to think of boy props- so I'm super glad she came prepared! )

Thanks for coming to play with me guys- can't wait for our next session together! xoox D

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