Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just BE.....

Living proof that we girls hold the power.... and if not.... at least just live for the moment and work quickly!!!

Our weather last week, that had been so gorgeous... ceremoniously went to crap on Friday with 35-40 mph winds and sideways rain. And my hopes for a gorgeous day to shoot at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival were swirling in the bottom of the drain. *insert very sad face here*

So when I woke up to heavy grey clouds... my heart was more than a little heavy. I have had Lisa and her family on the books for months- and I'm unavailable the next two weeks for any kind of a make-up- so it HAD to happen this weekend or we'd miss our window to shoot them in the tulips.

Apparently- we five were a force to be reckoned with- because not only did it NOT rain on us- but the sun even flashed us a smile for a bit! (of course that's not to say that after we wrapped and I was walking around enjoying the views that the rain chased me all the way back down south....)

Lisa and I have talked a lot recently about the fact that we've lost several folks close to us the last 6 months- and that we all need to stop procrastinating- stop waiting for the perfect hair cut or perfect outfit or size..... we need to just BE- be happy and be present- and have photos snapped of us- with our families without worrying if it's perfect. LIFE isn't perfect- make the most of what you have-every single day-smile- hug and kiss those around you- and it will become more perfect than you first thought.

I did have the girls pose for some of these shots- but the best stuff came when they just let themselves BE- be relaxed and in the moment. I LOVE that with a capital L! *no secret as to where they all get those killer blue eyes tho....*
* I love generation shots like this....*

*paybacks for childhood photos?*

Thanks for playing with me girls- I had a ball with you!
I hope that the rest of you all have a gorgeous Easter- kick back and relax and love on each other- and BE happy. :)
Peace-Love and well- you know the rest. xoxo D

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Heidilynn said...

It is exactly what you said D... LIFE IS and JUST BE. If you keep waiting for that perfect time, perfectjob, perfect weight, life will have passed you by and you'll bestanding there wondering what the heaven happened!!
Your photos were beautiful. You would never had known you had disagreeable weather. Your subjects were BEAUTIFUL! I think you captured them for sure.