Monday, September 7, 2009

Back 2 School....

Oni- lookin' tough in her new track suit....... So- not working in any particular order-AT I've had an insanely busy- but very productive weekend!!!

Here a few shot yesterday- the girls wanted to have a 'fashion show' since the garage studios were already set up for another shoot- that I'll share shortly.....

Gabbi in her favorite piece- her bumble bee yellow sweater dress- which is I kid you not a total throw back to 1984.... followed up with the clip in neon colored streaks for their hair--- and no amount of reasoning would do.... that those totally straight, synthetic pieces... will not, under any circumstances... mesh with their uber-curly curls.... but, hey.... what are ya gonna do?

Oni once again- staying way away from super girly-girl- prints and styles... opts for the athletic, almost pre-punk casual styles....white/black/hot pink- skulls and Ed Hardy- tatoo inspired clothes and shoes.. (not that I can blame her.... same stuff I love...)
And G- as cute in her girly ballet flats and leggings as she can be.... stay tuned for the official first day of school- comin your way soon!!!!

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Peckenpaugh Palooza said...

I know you don't prefer your "studio" but you REALLY do get gorgeous shots! Gabbi looks AWESOME in yellow!! What a fun day for the girls to play run-way!