Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Lighthouse at Westport

On our journey to the ocean shores last week- we made the trek back to Aberdeen as we headed inland from OCEAN SHORES, WA- and then took a right- and headed back out to the shores of Westport. What a different vibe than O.S. ! The beaches were clean, blue and bright- and covered in surfers. This is a working port town- where OS is a resort town.
One of the things on my to-do list while out this way- was to check out Westport Winery- which didn't happen this trip- next time!!! And the other was- to visit the lighthouse at Westport, which we found out, is the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington... and we climbed every last step! (all 135- straight up- it's a thigh burner for sure!!!!)

I'm so glad we took the tour- we all learned so much- and the ingenuity and technology applied for the times when this was built.... 1897- were crazy good- and much of what they used at the turn of the century- is still in used today- either in actual vintage form or the ideas and applied technology of today!

If you get out that way- make sure you take this tour- you'll be glad you did! Here's their link:

And I find nothing more beautiful and inspiring than our flag billowing in the breeze on a perfect day!!! This flag was enormous- so the soft ocean breeze- was barely making it flutter- HUGE flag.....

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