Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ocean Shores

It already seems like forever since we went on a quickie vacation to the ocean.... and it's only been a week! But I'm way behind on posting... (needed to play catch up on client stuff first before posting personal stuff....)

Beach combing first thing in the morning proved interesting the first morning in Ocean Shores... We found this massive jelly fish washed up on the sand- along with lots of cool rocks and shells.
My sweet family- testing the water at about 8 am... mighty cold..... but we didn't care- we were having fun!

We took a super laid back approach- and just played, ate and slept when we felt like it- no schedule- at all- it was great!

Of course I tried to sneak in some shots for me.... and the girls gave me the "are we done yet?"... so needless to say- not as many shots as I would have liked... but I got a couple. :)

We did this trip on the cheap- (mid week is the only way to go, by the way...and we packed most of our food/beverages so you don't get sucked into purchasing in a tourist town and double the prices....) and that allowed us to give in to most of the girls whims and wants as far as activities went... and their smiles said it all-

And since I'm continually being told that I'm never actually in the photos of my family on vacation..... here's one of me- Ron had my camera while I tried his new baby- his HD video cam- it's pretty trick- I have to admit! But I was glad to take Big Bertha back- we're a good fit. :)

We found this great section of beach, way down at the end of Ocean Shores Blvd. It's down where all the vacation homes and condos are- there's a massive rock jetty- and you get bigger waves, spray and tide pools... much different than the flat, drive onto the beach and go for miles thing that you get down by the hotels.... it was cool!

AND... I found Bambi!!! :) ok- not really- but the Black Tail deer were EVERYWHERE and seemed totally not afraid of us- and they were finding all the dandelions along the roadsides a special treat.

We ended our first day of playing and sight seeing with a most amazing sunset, where we built a fire (and yes, we stopped at the fire station first to make sure it was ok....) and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We talked about what we had seen and talked about what we were thankful for- and everything under the full moon above that came up. It was great day indeed!

The next day- we packed up and got ready to head back inland a bit- but not before we stopped at SHARKY's..... what an awesome storefront- and inside- the mural read- 'SEND MORE TOURISTS.... THE LAST ONES WERE DELICIOUS!' It's a fun, young gift shop- your kids will dig it- and the saltwater taffy- rocked!

Then- we headed to Westport- GREAT beaches here- totally different kind of beach experience than that of Ocean Shores.....

Surfers... in Washington??? Tons of them- it was so fun to watch!

My handsome man- Bid Daddy was having fun and relaxing!
We all had fun- can't wait to go back and play again soon!

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Dee said...

What an amazing Family Di!, Ok I told Denzel we will travel in a couple summers so you can do his senior photos:)He is a freshman already...Man I feel old:)love ya, Dee