Monday, September 28, 2009

Taste of Fall 2009

I am trying to gather my thoughts this morning in a house full of girls with the sniffles ... but prior to making phone calls to half the planet regarding the state of health regarding all three of the Miles girls... (praying it's simply allergy related rather than the crud- but must be sure).....

I am taking a quick peek back at the weekend....and what a glorious weekend it was!

Big Daddy & I were able to have a grown-up's run-a-way to Leavenworth for an over-niter! (Thank you Aunti & Uncle for taking the kids!!!!)

We toured Leavenworth and Pashastin and did some wine tasting- some more established and well known vintners and some brand new- even one on opening day!

Silvara Vinyards in Pashastin has a really approachable Riesling
Eagle Creek of Leavenworth had some really earthy reds and a pink hued Pinot
Kestrel Vintners is out of Prosser but shows in downtown Leavenworth had several very early sippers and were very affordable
We stopped at Icicle but were too early- so we'll check them out next trip- but hear exceptional reviews about them.
And of course.... there is Napeequa in Plain- and they are after all- our absolute faves!!!!

Here is a quickie glimpse of what we took in.......

The glorious white grape that will become the Gewurztraminer (pronounced Gra-vertz-tra-meener... there are umlauts over the u- but can't figure out how to type those in... so imagine they are there.....) which a sweet desert wine- imagine a port- only in a white... this is known as an ice wine as they keep it chilled.
The Merlot grapes that find it's way happily into blended wines such as Napeequa's Trail head- which happens to be one of my absolute faves!!!!!

Napeequa's Taste of Fall was a super fun fusion of their wines, live music, killer food, a perfect autumn day- and as the sun dropped behind the mountains- a perfect half moon was coming up-We gathered around the fire pit and talked and laughed and shared fun stories- laughed much, ate well and sipped exceptionally- I'm blessed to have such amazing friends!

We stopped back in on Sunday on our way out of town to say good by and check out the crush- they were crushing the Merlot grapes.... and I caught a couple shots of the wine apprentices- a couple of very handsome young men- they are going to be fighting off the girls a couple of years- especially with an extensive wine making background!!!!

Hope your weekend was splendid- and that you got outside and enjoyed! If you have a day- make the trip over for some wine tasting to Leavenworth- there are some really great vintners offering amazing handcrafted wines- made from locally grown grapes- and are being made right here in our own NW back yard!
Sip-smile- enjoy!
xoxo Didi


Roxie said...

It's been crazy my way and haven't had the chance to catch up on all your blog posts. So I'm finally caught up. Glad to hear y'all made it to Leavenworth. Your pics are FABULOUS as always. I'm sure it was a nice getaway from all your craziness! Hope the girls feel better soon.

pantserhart said...

Hi dear, I enjoyed your photos and stories, as I always do....... You are an inspiration!
Found the codes for the Umlauts for you -))