Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more beautiful....

Ok- personal statement as I preview some more pix today.........- there's something so simple and beautiful about the curves of the human form- and we even decorate them- but we rarely get to see ourselves from that angle- an it's a pity.

I love the softness of this hip shot. You know something else- it's a pity we don't get a glimpse of ourselves through someone else's eyes more often- perhaps we'd be less critical of ourselves-appreciative of what we perceive as a flaw or less than perfect........ and just appreciate the beauty in our soft skin, shimmering hair, sparkling eyes and impish grins or big bawdy laughter...... and LIVE in our own skin instead of wishing it different.

That's why I love what I do- giving people a glimpse of what I find beautiful about them! Ok- soapbox over now. :) Here are a few more from Sunday, now that I've clarified what can be shared. :) How adorable is she???? Her Hubby will be very pleasantly surprised me thinks!

Can we say hot momma??? And I heart this last one- just a beautiful lady......

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