Monday, October 19, 2009


Nerves...... anxiety.......worry...... fear......... shyness.....hope........(and that was just for me Saturday!)

The skies were unyielding in their rain- all morning- and I was sick with worry- because this session had to happen TODAY..... and then-10 minutes before their scheduled arrival- the skies opened up and gave me a double rainbow and sunshine!

When folks come to see a photographer for portraits- of any sort... those are just a few of the adjectives used to describe their apprehension about having their photos taken.
This story is a bit different. A week and a half ago.... this family's life got flipped upside down. A week and a half ago......This family just found out that dad has Adult onset Leukemia. A week and a half ago...This family found out it starts his chemo treatment tomorrow.... and this family belongs to my friend Melissa.... so I'm feeling it.
This quiet, proud, subdued man- who honestly wanted nothing to do with the limelight Saturday- and who has to feel the weight of the world on his shoulders right now.....managed some smiles and quiet, silly affection on his gaggle of girls.
I joked that in some countries.... he would be considered a very wealthy man to have this many women in his life! :) .....and all he could do was smile.
An of course you know I'm lovin their hauntingly blue-green eyes- wow!

I love this last shot of Melissa giving her daddy some loves!
My thoughts and prayers are with you this week Shirley family- may treatments be successful and swift!

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