Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby J

Baby J just turned one- so she came to play with me in the park yesterday for a birthday session. It was such a beautiful day out- perfect little spray of the first falling leaves on the ground, crystal blue skies- and a super cute baby- doesn't get much better than that. :)

We started out with some detail shots so Baby J could warm up to the idea...... as she was teething- and hadn't had a nap... which as any parent will tell you....has disaster written all over it- but she and her parents were troopers- and we managed to get some smiles - so I'm thrilled. :)

There was the occasional melt down...... (and I'm likely going straight to hell for this-) ....and I find this hilariously funny- the way a baby's face scrinches all up when they start to cry.....

And this is my kind of girl- sports fan and a princess.... all wrapped into one!

It was great meeting you guys yesterday- thanks for coming to play- and I hope baby girl napped well for you. :) xoxo D

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