Monday, October 26, 2009

Do Over!

Yippeee!!!! I love, love, love the colors of fall! I also love a do-over- a fresh start, a clean slate....

I know- you are thinking, 'what the heck is she talking about here?'.... but I needed a 'do-over'.

I shot with this family a couple of weeks ago- and I just wasn't happy with what we shot- they are a beautiful family- and I just didn't feel like I had done them justice..... when I shoot photos for someone- I want for them to love their photos from me- and love/like me.. so I couldn't let that first shoot be the only impression these folks had of me. :) I know, I know- I'm a neurotic weirdo- but it is what it is! The irony in this whole tale- is that we had way too much light before- and we were dodging mud puddles and rain drops yesterday- but we still managed some silliness and funny faces as we danced in the rain!
I especially appreciate this family taking time to meet with me again- in the face of some devastating news at the end of last week for them. Think good thoughts for them- (Tony's mother was diagnosed with cancer)....... and I'm sure that they could use your positive energy. I love the first old skool image- looks like a tough defense, huh?

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