Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Communion

Tonight began 1st communion classes for my friend Allison's son Jake. They asked me to tag along and get some shots of the kids preparing for this coming of age process. It's a gorgeous old church- with AMAZING acoustics.... (yes- the Ave Maria did make an appearance as I strolled the sanctuary and got set up)
And even tho I'm not of this religious persuasion- I love the order, symbolism and color of these prayer candles.....

Last time I did this for Jake's older brother's class- it was spring- and we had oodles of light streaming through the windows.... tonight- not so much..... It forced me to have to make peace with my flash and my manual settings on Big Bertha so as not to over-do it on the flash... I think we did ok (but we all know that shooting indoors- makes me sweat!) LOL!
Thanks for letting me be a small part of your class guys- best of luck! :)

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Peckenpaugh Palooza said...

GORGEOUS!! I love the candle shot and the rosary on the prayer book!! The kiddos are so precious (see I told you - you did good)!! I can hardly wait to see ALL the shots!! you're the BESTEST!!