Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Becca & Shane

Celebration time.... The day had finally arrived.... a year in the making- Shane & Becca's wedding day had finally arrived. Every detail was arranged and staged, the bridal party and their parents were the picture of calm- It was about as relaxed and tranquil as you could imagine- especially on a wedding day! It was almost too good to be true- the only thing that even remotely ruffled a feather was that no-one had seen the cake lady yet- and she arrived moments after the comment came up.

Could it be-- I really was the only one who seemed like she felt stressed out???? Of course- that may have been due to the fact that it was about 106 degrees at noon when we were trying to get the photos taken of the bridal party, before all the guest arrived.... and it was 106 outside- and I was afraid the bride's make-up would melt or we'd all just burst into flames from the overwhelming heat! The sun was blaring down- and everyone who wasn't wearing shades, was all squinty.... and the hotel was actively watering or had just watered all the grassy areas......my heart began to race- "where on earth will we take their photos??????" In a last second decision- I went to the front desk and asked if we could use the lounge area for photos- It was decorated nicely and had a full run of skylights- lots of light..... they not only agreed- but helped me clear out all the furniture to one side so we could utilize that space for the posed portraits! Problem solved! All my worrying was for not!

The outdoor ceremony was very short and sweet and everyone filed quickly back inside to the air-conditioned reception hall. The cake was gorgeous- and it was divine!!!!

A great time was had by all- both families were a joy to work with- and I couldn't be happier for Becca & Shane! Congrats guys!!! xoxo Didi

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Roxie said...

Wedding pictures always make me so happy as did these! Love it!