Friday, August 7, 2009

Family fun

A sneak-peek...... This morning I met with the family "F"... they had flown in from places near and far to come and support their mother (Oma B) who will be undergoing some big things soon....

We did the informal/formal poses... but then- we had some fun... a great group of folks- and great genes.. some beautiful people in this family! Grandma is certainly proud- and it's easy to see why!
(and no- they not twins.... not even sisters.....but these cousins sure look a great deal like each other, huh?)
Who said family portraits had to be stuffy??? I love the feel of this photo- has a 70's vibe- album cover sort of thing going on.
Sweet boy- he was very busy- but sure good with everyone running around all morning. :)
This shot of the girls makes me smile- they were transitioning for "the" shot- but I love the way this came out better.

Again- brothers with the MOST amazing eye colors....
Stay tuned for more from these folks.... but this girl needs some sleep- so TTFN! xoox D

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Peckenpaugh Palooza said...

WOW - what a GREAT location!! You're right this family is GORGEOUS!! C.R.H. is looking a little too grown-up/ teenager-like for Auntie YaYa's liking :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "girl" shot! AWESOME SHOTS DIDI!! I'm sure 'Nyse & Oma will be THRILLED