Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Riding off into the Sunset...

So- did ya'll wonder if I'd fallen off the blog-o-sphere? :)

I took a working trip back home to central Idaho over the weekend. Big Daddy & I headed to my folks' place (kids were already there with g'ma) on Thursday night and it was crazy busy the whole time!

I'm working backwards here- as the "W" fam was my last shoot on Sunday- what fun to re-connect with Jacquie and meet her handsome boys!!! We've known each other since we were itty-bitty kids and as we graduated from high school and moved on... well.... life happens- and you lose track of folks. Thanks to a certain networking website- I've been able to connect with so many folks from back home and I've loved hearing from everyone! When I had posted I'd be home to shoot a wedding that weekend and would be booking a couple of portrait sessions, Jackie was the first to respond with a 'yes please'. :)


Don't they look like they should model for Wrangler Western Wear??????
And on my list of favorite things... sunset on the Camas Prairie- during harvest time- there's nothing prettier- and the smell- oh- the smell of the fresh cut wheat and hay......mmmmmm.

(love this shot in sepia just as much as I do in color....)

This shot was originally planned to be on their horses- but it was over 100 everyday I was there- and it was just too hot to trailer them up to see me as well..... so we improvised. They are one good looking lot of cowboys (and cowgirl who still actively rodeos)!!!!

Need I say more about these boys and their eyes?????? wow!
Guys- I'm soooo glad I got to hang out with you Sunday- it was great to see you all. Thanks so much for choosing me! xoxo Didi


Tara said...

Oh my Gosh Di! I love the pictures of Jacquie!! They look like magazine shots for sure! Cant wait to see Denise's and everyone elses too!

Kim said...

Now I am really regretting not getting those picutures taken. These are just BEAUTIFUL. Keep us in mind next time you are over that way. May have to hook up next year as the pictures at harvest time are just too great.

Peckenpaugh Palooza said...

GORGEOUS - really good shots. I LOVE the family shot of them looking in to the sunset!! As ALWAYS well played my friend!!

Jennefer said...

Wonderful! I can tell how much you love taking pictures.