Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I had the opportunity to meet up with Marcos in the 111 degree heat on Saturday evening... He's a local musician in the Valley who's looking to take his career to the next level- and needed some photos to match his music.....

Marcos is married to Denise- who I've known since I was probably 6????? A long time for sure... (shhhhhhh don't tell anyone how old we are tho- ok!!!!) So I was thrilled to see her again and meet her sweet man.
I kept joking that between him and the heat- we were all going to burst into flames!!! He's a handsome drink of water, huh? (and she is still SO super cute- but this session was all about him this time around- next time we get his better half in the pix!) :)
So folks... if you listen to country at all- keep your eyes and ears peeled for this guy.... hopefully coming to a radio station near you soon! Take a listen.....

Thanks so much for choosing me guys- I wish you much luck in this next step!!!! xoxo Didi

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Heidilynn said...

Ah Di, cowboys make ya melt don't they. Can't wait to hear some of his music! Where is it available???