Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Someone is sporting some bling..... and a gorgeous smile! Mainly, because well... she's gorgeous... but she's getting married!!!!!

I met Gina and Brian a few weeks ago when they came to hang out and have a cocktail here at the house amidst my crazy chaos- and they still liked me after that! *heeeheeee* So we decided to celebrate their engagement with a session at Carkeek Park in North Seattle. {cool place- my first time there!}

These two said they didn't want boring or traditional- so we just went and played at the beach- and it was good. {I think they both get the hero award for playing in the water- I know it was cold...... but they still managed to have fun and be beautiful all at the same time!}

This is just a tiny little fraction of the fun we caught- stay tuned for more!
I loved working with you two! xoxo Didi

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