Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marcy and Wil

Everything about this event was unique.... It was on a Friday for starters..... their rings- totally not traditional- the attire- was chic and subtle and still sassy while being relaxed. Nothing stuffy and formal. The only thing really traditional was the old church- and it was amazing! It was fall colors without being themed and a fun and silly group of attendants who were all pretty relaxed for it being a wedding!

Their feelings are evident when you see them together and the standing room only candlight ceremony exemplifies the love and support around them. I wish them the bestest happily ever after!!!!

*please note the super cute umberellas... we were dodging drops and some knarly looking clouds for photos*


Jenny GG said...

BEAutiful!! Love your processing - gorgeous couple!

didi V said...

Thanks GG!!! <3

didi v said...

Thanks GG!!!!