Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hey!!!! Look who popped in to see me today! It's Miss Adi!

I asked her momma if I could borrow her for a couple of minutes this weekend- since she is such a happy, mellow, and easy going girl.

I needed a live baby model to show off the super cute hair-ware from my girl Tiffany (aka Fifi) of Daydream Believer. Check out her brand spanking new blog here:


She is cranking out some of the cutest baby/toddler hats and headbands around! And you should see her new baby burp rags- no more dowdy old cloth diapers or flimsy- boring pastels.... if you have to wear one for 6 months.... make it a fashion statement- please!

You'll be seeing more cuteness from Fifi here on MyCrazyCrazylife very soon! So thank you Trish & Adi for popping in to play with me- and Feef- I LOVE with a capital L the props- thank you soooooo much girl!

Much love! xoox Didi


nonapearl said...

seriously adorable! <3

Carrie said...

holy moly -- that baby is so STINKIN' adorable! My goodness...