Monday, May 10, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

There is nothing sweeter than gifts from the heart.....

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and a perfect example of the above statement. Big Daddy and I woke early yesterday morning to the faint smell of waffles wafting up the stairs....(and that well seasoned cast iron when it's hot smell... ).

At first, we were both thinking, 'mmmmm..... waffles'.... and then our eyes popped open wide in cartoon fashion when, we realized- that the other of us.....was still in bed- and why on Earth did we smell scorching hot cast iron????????????????????

We both hopped out of bed to go and investigate... only to be met at the top of the stairs, by our youngest- age 8... with a plate that contained a waffle that was roughly the size of my head (and weighed about 2 pounds- no joke here) and a little ramekin of butter and one of syrup- and a fork! She had made me breakfast in bed for Mother's day!!!! (this is an enormous upgrade from the traditional toast that they've made me over the last few years....)

I'm sure I don't even want to know how she got to the pancake mix on the very top shelf of the pantry- or how she managed to create the batter without play dough or Barbie shoes in it....or
how and get the waffle iron turned on and heated up and produced a mighty waffle all by herself- without burning herself, falling off of God only knows what she climbed on to reach the ingredients or burning the house down..... To say that I was amazed- and very proud- was an understatement. :)

Both girls made me some pretty awesome cards and hand made gifts that showed their talents and flare for color. I was the prettiest mommy on the block sporting my nearly neon bling!

I'm so blessed- and so grateful for these two girls- I was given two miracles in this life- and I won't ever forget that! And to my husband- who is the most amazing man, who helps me raise these miracles to be confident, beautiful, talented and smart young ladies.... thank you- I love you so much!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday- I know I did! xoxo D

PS- this is the cake that Oni and I made together- I'd show you the cookies that Gabbi helped with- only they were snatched up and consumed without mercy before I could manage a shot...

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