Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter arrived with a small skiff of snow this year- but lots of ice to make it all kinds of difficult to get around last week!

While we had less than 6" of powdery snow- the ice that lie below was wicked. We had had much precipitation and high winds and the drop in temperatures wreaked havoc on the Puget Sound with trees down across roadways and some power outages.

The kids were quite excited that they got an extra two days tacked on to their Thanksgiving holiday.. of course if this keeps up... they'll be in school 'til the 4th of July.... but to be able to play non-stop in the snow for 2.5 days before it rained and melted off- was priceless!

The "Big Dipper" as all the neighborhood kids call it was like a thriving metropolis of kids and sleds and colorful winter wear... and had it not been so danged cold- I probably would have hung out longer- but the windchill was in the single digits!!!!!

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