Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Because.....

Just because...... {sneek peek}

Sometimes that's the bestest reason of all. Just because life is short- and it comes at you fast. Just because you can. Just because you need new wall art.... or new Christmas card.... or just because you feel the need. Just because is the best reason to buy a cool new umbrella to go and play in the rain... and munch your way through the market, make out in all sorts of cool public places, dance in the rain and giggle until your cheeks hurt.

Matt & Carly did just that Saturday morning. Mrs. D was the first grade teacher of both of my girls- (and we love her to pieces!). Her smile and giggle is contagious-so it's easy to see why he adores her too. {... and he's pretty darned adorable himself}.

They've been married for a few years now (and you'll remember them from her brother Jay's wedding last summer

They decided they needed a fun photo for their holiday cards, and some current photos- and a marker to their lives as it is now.... should anything change in their lives in the next year..... *wink*

So we had a ball walking and laughing from 1st to Alaskan and back again.

I loved hanging out with you guys! xoxo D

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